Welcome to the Assumption Link. Are you looking for in roads into a new industry? Finding it hard to make the right contacts? Assumption Link have a large database of contacts that can help you and your business connect with the right people to help your business move forward. This allows people to be able to focus on ensuring the services are always operating at its optimal level so that when you strike these deals with companies for contracts or tenders they are not disappointed.

As we all know from experience the first step is not the hardest. Getting the business can feel like an up hill battle but in hindsight the hard work is fulfilling the expectations of the clients after they have paid a large sum of money for a contract.

We specialise in connecting businesses with others that provide services for promotional events. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with people that we can trust to provide promotional items like customised printed lanyards and wristbands. These can be customised to so that they are fully branded to your event, marketing campaign or business logo. This has led to many being able to connect with suppliers of things like lanyards and being able to offer there graphic skills. This opens up many potential large design tenders that many felt they could not fulfil.

The lanyard suppliers we have on the books have a vast and wide range of experience on how best to manufacture a lanyard for any given situation. Two of the most common ways to make a lanyard are the dye dub method and the silk screen method. Many prefer the silk screen method as they usually have a more clear image and print on the lanyard. The other method of the dye sub method does not leave the lanyard with any texture too it. Rather it is smooth almost like a silky finish. The only way to really understand the best lanyard for your graphic is too actually request some samples of the previous work that someone has done that could be similar to your design. See the following page for more samples of personalised lanyards http://www.lesar.co.uk/personalised-lanyard

Really the main goal is very simple, to basically be able offer the perfect product for your end user. We tend to find that many that are looking for the product for a marketing purpose like a dye dub finish due to the texture this leaves where as those that are using them for the own staff prefer a screen printing method that can be used to get a clearer image.

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