About Us

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What We Specialise In

We specialise in connecting businesses with others that provide services for promotional events.
Over the years we have built a strong relationship with people that we can trust to provide promotional items like customised printed lanyards and wristbands.

We Fully Customise

These can be customised too so that they are fully branded to your event, marketing campaign or business logo.
This has led to many being able to connect with suppliers of things like lanyards and being able to offer there graphic skills. This opens up many potential large design tenders that many felt they could not fulfil.

Team 1

Sylvia Doe



Mark Eccles


Team 3

Jane Doe 


Leading Marketing

The Assumption Link are a leading marketing company that use things like lanyards to be able to reach out to different target markets.

Our founders came from a design background and have quickly developed a product that has allowed them to be able to use there creative minds to design lanyards for clients that are made in a way to attract the attention of potential new customers for there brand.



Extensive Team

We have an extensive distribution team that work hard to keep an update list of contacts that can easily reach your target market with custom made lanyards.

We think in creative ways to ensure they get distributed well and are used so that you get the brand exposure that you could need and are targeting.

More About Us

The combination of the above teams has lead us to be able to grow into a market leader in lanyards working with leading lanyard suppliers like Lesar UK who have a world wide renown reputation in supplying ID accessories like lanyards, id card printers and other identification products. To date we have worked with over 450 clients worldwide on a regular basis and have turned over 14 million pounds.


Personally I believe we as a company have really grown over the 15 years we have been established. We may not be the biggest in terms of workforce but are the most successful when it comes to Lanyard Marketing.

Being in the industry for over decade really does gift you a lot of great contacts. Our service is available in over 100 countries because of our world wide business partners. We are very trusted by those in the Lanyard market.






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