Day-To-Day Use of Lanyards


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Lanyards aren't just an item that are used by Boaters and those that are in the Navy.

Lanyards are used daily amongst people, as well as organisations.

Here at Assumption Link we have come up with a few ways in which Lanyards are being fully utilised and used on a day-to-day basis:

Sporting events..

Are you sure you are a big fan? Well why don't you prove to everyone that you are by having a personalised custom team Lanyard. I think you'd really like our Services, take a look at our About Us page. This would be a truly unique Lanyard, you could have both the team and their logo on it - sounds really cool if you ask me. You can have them made for professional and amateur teams, or you could really go all out and get an attachment that will hold your foam finger, flags, hand clappers and noise makers.

On Holiday..

Lanyards on holiday make the perfect place to carry vital items like medication. They can really offer to you a secure way to ensure you have everything at hand ready to go. It can be especially useful if you need to carry items like inhalers.

Promotions for Your Business..

Do you want to give your business a boost? You could have custom promotional Lanyards. These are very handy items and when people wear them, it will give the logo and name of your company gainful exposure.

Giving Thanks..

Have a lot of spare Lanyards left after ordering enough for staff? You could give them out as a gift to returning customers of your company. These Personalised Lanyards are a thank-you Lanyard. Offering clients a free gift makes them feel their business with you is greatly valued and appreciated.