How to be a Leader

How to be an inspirational leader

I'll start off by saying ... there really is no "correct" way to run your company. 

Today's company leaders have a lot of wisdom to know about managing the world's modern workforce. This is because each leader approaches their role in their own suitable way. Every week, my company Assumption Link share tips on business and it is my turn to do a blog. 

Who am I: Mark Eccles, Owner & Founder of Assumption Link.

Duration of role: 18 years

My rule of business: "Leading and guiding my business real is more than just making profit. It is all about shaping my employees careers and changing the world to be a better place in the process"

Growing up in my family, I was teased because whatever I participated in I always won the most improved. Even though this used to bother me, I now see it was the entrepreneur inside of me. For example if I was playing sports, I would know exactly where to position my team. 

I am still like this. I always want to be the best Leader I can be - from both a business aspect, and also from a growth and goals standpoint. I need to feel proud of the work and creations that are happening at Assumption Link, as well as making a positive change to the whole community. All of these aspects are really what drives me to be a leader. 

Before starting up Assumption Link, I was working with a Lanyard manufacture as a production manager. I realised when looking around the industry, that no one was offering the service of connecting businesses with others that provide services for promotional events.

I took this as an opportunity to play around with this idea, and attended events to build up my contacts. One of my main goals was to create a workplace that workers could feel safe to work in but also thrive. By its design, Assumption Link's office is a link of offices together with an open feel that invites a community & a family unit feeling. Everybody has said they feel they are integral parts of the team and account for the success. 

 My biggest lesson was to get my employees to define and realise what they really want from their job at the end of the day and prepare to take the next step in their thriving! careers.